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Hatteras New Boat Models

HATTERAS YACHTS was born out of the treacherous waters that surround Cape Hatteras. It was here, in the fabled Graveyard of the Atlantic, that Willis Slane was inspired to construct a yacht to conquer seas subject to the wrath of nature. Over 50 years later, perseverance to achieve excellence is more than tradition – it is the HATTERAS promise.

HATTERAS YACHTS carries forward decades of rugged durability.

Focused engineering, tough materials and proven construction processes come together to produce the legendary strength that is the backbone of the HATTERAS story. From a solid fiberglass bottom to the final coat of exterior paint, each HATTERAS is built to excel in the roughest seas and harshest environments while retaining superior performance and beauty. Such dependability allows owners to use their boat when they want to, not just when conditions are favorable.

When it comes down to it, what is power without offshore performance? Advanced hull designs and construction, efficient propulsion systems, and optimized weight distribution merge to form the perfect balance of speed and seakeeping that can only be offered by HATTERAS.

Each vessel is designed and built for class-leading performance in all currents, seas, and weather. HATTERAS has earned a reputation for confident seakeeping, responsive handling and nimble maneuverability in the worst conditions.

A half-century of experience has developed a tenured team of master builders and personalized construction managers, responsible for delivering luxurious craftsmanship. Traditional skills coupled with modern techniques enable customization and relentless improvement. Tailored designs and luxury materials in the hands of our experienced builders result in each new vessel being a showpiece for the customer and the brand.

Now is the perfect time to buy that HATTERAS you’ve had your eye on. For more information, contact Fox Yacht Sales — your official HATTERAS Dealer!

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